Original designs crafted with turquoise, hammer work-hardened silver (.999/pure) or sterling (.925). Each item is unique and hand-crafted from high quality materials specified. Note that most have tooling marks and inconsistencies “by design”.

Cataloged item photos are of the actual, available in-stock product. Please feel free to contact us for more information on availability and special orders (like the shells at left).

999 Silver

Lacking the copper content in the Sterling (925) silver used in most fine silver jewelry, pure silver must be work-hardened and is better suited to "heavier" designs. Pure silver will tarnish less than commonly used sterling but is usually considered more susceptible to harsh treatment and misuse. It is "whiter" compared to .925 and will develop a unique patina over time.

Forged Hammer Finish

These items are all handmade and produced from the highest quality materials. They exhibit tool marks and variations in sizing - NOT machine-produced symmetrical perfection. Images are of the actual item for sale. Out of stock, custom ordered items will exhibit their own characteristics.

925 (Sterling) Silver

Alloyed with copper and considered stronger, sterling is the most common silver found in fine jewelry. We use sterling in smaller piece design items that require soldering and other procedures that limit final work-hardening techniques. Most of our "999 pure silver" items are also available in sterling.


999 and 925 silver

Forged, work-hardened 999 (copper-free) and 925 sterling.


I love your work! These conjure the finest qualities of both modern and historic design sensibilities.

I have not seen such beautiful handcrafted jewelry in years.

I dig the feels of a Noblewoman from the Roman Empire time-traveling to modern-day urban environment.